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Kirsten Vos x Atelier Bossier

16th February 2022

Kirsten Vos x Atelier Bossier

New Belgian collab: Kirsten Vos X Atelier Bossier 🇧🇪

A while ago Kirsten and I met each other by chance but we clicked immediately. The idea soon arose that we should pursue something together as two Belgian entrepreneurs who stand for quality and craftmanship ✂️

As a result, she invited us last week to her beautiful Atelier in Hasselt, where we now temporarily exhibit a small part of our collection. We are so happy with the end result, it is a match made in heaven 💍

By appointment, you can visit her Atelier to discuss your personalised piece of jewelry, while in the meantime you can shop our scarves, scented candles and shirts.