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What is the composition of an Atelier Bossier garment?

The composition of an Atelier Bossier garment differs from product to product and season to season.

*Fall/winter: Most knits are made from fine merino wool or cashmere, which contain a little bit of polyamide or viscose to guarantee the strength and quality…

Where to shop Atelier Bossier ?

Showroom – De Lange Beemden 21 (Heusden-Zolder) – Only by appointment.
Edo Collective – Lange Koepoortstraat 64 (Antwerp) – Open Tuesday-Saturday (10.00h-18.00h).
VROU – Jan Frans Willemsstraat 11 (Boechout) – Open Tuesday-Saturday (10.00h-18.00h).
Lilly Louise – Dr. Willemsstraat 8 (Hasselt) – Open Tuesday-Saturday (11.00h-18.00h).
Mais Oui – Nederkouter 147 (Gent) -…