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Our way to sustainability

All our designs, which are high-quality basics, are created in-house in Belgium, while production takes place in Europe. We attach great importance to sustainability, which is why we opt for basic pieces that will last for a longer period of time, given their good quality. When choosing our fabrics, we always try to go for natural materials, in order to be as durable as possible in production but also in use and maintenance.

Twice a year we launch a small collection, which in summer usually consists of a variety of T-shirts, blouses and light knitwear. The production of our textiles is based in Portugal. As soon as they arrive in our Atelier, we embroider them to the customer’s wishes. We mainly select fabrics such as cotton or linen for our summer collection. Furthermore, we usually buy fabric leftovers from our manufacturer, so as to reduce fabric surplus and enhance durability. As for winter, on the other hand, the production of our knitwear is based in Portugal as well as in Belgium. For our winter collection, we always work with different types of wool. Furthermore, the same principles apply to ordering the wool; we choose our wool from the surplus of our manufacturers in order to avoid overproduction and remain durable.

Given the fact that we only work with long-lasting basics we do not participate in sales. Nevertheless, we do have a small selection of sales on our webshop. These are always the last pieces of a model that will not be restocked.